Debbie Nelson - Art Ranch


Debbie Nelson -  Art Ranch

Nationality:                                 American
Born:                                           1951

From the Valleys and Vistas to the Culture and the Couture, Debbie is inspired by the texture of the American West

Working in Plein Air and in the studio, Debbie loves the process. The exploration of the mediums, battling the elements, the influence of the light, and the interaction of color feed the soul at the deepest levels.

This site is dedicated to the special instructors, family and friends who have encouraged her growth as an artist and as a person in the world.

There is work from both past and present and this site is a window into the path Debbie has been traveling as she journeys through the peaks and valleys of creative expression.

Enjoy and please come back soon.

"The Wind of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears."       Unknown